As big and small businesses reopen across the country, there are many new concerns that business owners must address related to COVID-19. Whether it’s social distancing, mask requirements or changing business procedures, there are a variety of important messages that you must convey to everyone visiting your office or facility. It’s imperative that businesses effectively communicate with customers and employees regarding new processes and protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Here are 5 ways you can utilize signage in order to communicate new COVID-19 procedures:

  1. Parking Lot Signage  

Communicate with customers before they even enter your building with parking lot signs. Whether it’s notifying visitors to call or text when they arrive, or to make ever-changing business operations apparent as soon as they arrive, this is an effective option for COVID-19 signage. Including parking lot signs in every spot will help ensure that everyone knows what to do when they arrive at your business.

  1. Vinyl Copy for Windows and Doors

As visitors approach your building, be sure that your hours and COVID-19 business practices are clearly displayed with vinyl copy on your windows and doors. Vinyl copy is both easily applied and removed so it gives you a great deal of flexibility when you need to change or update your information. Vinyl copy can also be applied on interior windows and doors and can be used to effectively reinforce COVID-19 guidelines and regulations within your building.

  1. Yard Signage

Want to show appreciation for your staff, make a fun announcement, or just remind people passing by that your business has reopened? Correx yard signage is a great solution! These signs are cost effective and easy to install/remove, making them a perfect option for temporary signage in front of your building or along the road.

  1. Floor Decals

Floor decals are a very popular option for COVID-19 communications. Strategically placed throughout a facility, they are a great visual reminder to enforce social distancing or changing business operations. In addition to high visibility, they are extremely durable and can withstand years of foot traffic without wearing down. 

  1. A-Frame Signage

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Similar to yard signs, A-frame signs are also a great way to display business hours, new offerings or any other information that can be ever-changing. Sturdier than correx, A-frame signs offer a more permanent signage option along the road or in front of your building. Typically, the base is filled with sand to help ensure the sign will withstand the elements. Digital prints on each side of the board can easily be changed to accommodate new announcements or changing business hours.

Open your business safely while protecting your customers and employees with COVID-19 signage. With proper design and positioning, signage is an extremely effective way to communicate with both customers and employees to help ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.

As a sign company located  in Rochester, NY, Elevated Sign Solutions has worked with both big and small businesses in a variety of industries to assist them in safely reopening with proper COVID-19 signage. With infinite signage options that are fully customizable, we can develop a customized sign solution for you.

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