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From 3D LED channel letters to simple black dimensional letters – we can help you create signs that stand out. Dimensional letters are a long-lasting option that won’t need to be repaired or refurbished, and can communicate whatever you need, in any font and lettering style. Glossy or matte finish, in any color and size you want, the customization is up to you! If you want to go bold and have your business stand out, then LED backlit channel letters are the way to go. If you’re looking for a simple and sleek design, then black dimensional letters are a great option for you. Decide how you want to communicate to your customers and we’ll help you achieve it!

Capabilities & Options

Channel lettering comes in many shapes and sizes, in addition to other customization options as well.

  • LED backlighting: LED backlighting involves fitting the letters with LED strips in the back that are not visible from the front, but will illuminate the letter itself at night, or whenever you set them to turn on.
  • Halo lighting: Halo lighting is a similar process, but instead of the lettering itself lighting up, Halo lighting casts a light shadow behind the letters that gives it a soft glow. Of course you can always go with the simple option of pointing lights at the lettering from the ground, but the first two options are more professional and really make the text stand out at night.


In addition to the lighting options, lettering can be made in any font, size and color you want. Just tell us the specs and we’ll make it happen! Lettering also comes in multiple finishes, so you can display your brand exactly how you want to. Glossy and matte are the two main finishes, with glossy being shinier and matte having little to no shine at all. Keep in mind that these letters can be made in multiple materials as well, including ……


Finally, when it comes to installing your lettering, we have some options here as well. Fixed to your building and raceway mounting are the most common installation types. Fixed to your building is just as it sounds, we mount the letters directly onto your building with a variety of techniques depending on the material. Some materials are easier to work with than others, but our industry experts will be able to advise you on the proper installation technique for your specific building.

For more information, to order lettering, or to ask any questions, please contact us!

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