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Outdoor Signage

Communicate your brand to potential customers with a unique exterior sign. Have you seen an eye-catching sign that you’d love to recreate with your own logo? We can design, manufacture and install it. With decades of industry experience, we have made every type and size sign that you can imagine. Bring us your ideas, pictures and creativity, and we’ll make your sign come to life!

Building dimensions and location are essential for the installation process. We can conduct our own site survey to ensure that we have all of the information necessary to surpass your expectations. Our team will work with you to ensure the design is exactly what you imagined.

Capabilities & Options

We have a variety of exterior signage options, each with their own level of customization options. 

Carved and painted signs are some of our favorites because of the detailed and eye-catching designs. With our CNC router, we are able to rout any design into and shape any material you want. The most common material used for routed exterior signage is HDU Foam. This is a thick material that is extremely durable and more dimensionally stable than wood carved signs. As one continuous piece, it will not expand and contract in the elements and is long lasting. We can also rout both sides of the material so the design is visible from all angles. V-carving is the most popular type of CNC routing, which provides a 3D look to the letters with a unique design. Before the material is routed, we paint the material to the exact color you want, and if the material is being V-carved, we paint the lettering afterwards. The most unique option we offer is gold-leafing inside the letters, or your logo. We carefully apply real gold flakes into the carved areas to give it an amazing, high-end look. We are able to V-carve any lettering or logo with the correct artwork provided. We can carve material up to 4×8 foot in size. We only use industry standard automotive grade paint to help ensure that it will last a long time. Our paint booth technology and decades of industry experience allow us to color match to any color you want.

Digitally printed signs offer a wide range of options in order to bring your business artwork and design ideas to life. Our digital printing specialist can help you design a sign that will clearly display messaging to your customers, and determine the best signage and application for your industry and location. With a variety of mounting options for different materials, we can customize signage to suit your specific needs. Customization options include:

Logos (with usage rights), designs and lettering can be applied to all of our materials. If you have an image that is not high enough resolution for digital printing, our graphic artist can re-work it into a print-ready file (although this can impact the lead time for your project.) 

There are multiple backing options for your digitally printed design, which include sintra, dibond and plastics. Sintra is a thicker plastic that is somewhat rigid, while dibond is very rigid and a much sturdier material. Dibond is recommended for larger signage and any signs that will be outside and exposed to the elements. All of these backing options can be used on signs up to 4×8 feet.

Mounting options are diverse as well. For dibond material, we suggest grommets which can help secure your sign to almost any surface, or a post and panel option with two plastic posts on each side of the sign. For correx yard signs, step stakes are used to secure the sign in the ground. Sintra and other plastic backings are typically secured using double-sided tape, which is a simple and effective option for interior signage that needs to be secured to an object or wall. Any of our backing options are applicable for any shape sign as well, they don’t have to be square – think outside the box! 

Along with the routing options for all exterior signage, we also offer different lighting options. LED backlighting and Halo lighting are the most popular, which give the sign a unique look and really make it stand out at night. For a simpler option, you can also light the sign from the ground with standard lights. Specific to exterior signage, we offer rider options underneath signs to display any text you would like, which makes it an ideal option for notifying customers of upcoming events or news. 

When it comes to installing your exterior sign, there are a couple of options to choose from. Post and panel is the cleanest and most popular option, which involves white posts on each side of the sign that go securely into the ground. This ensures that the sign doesn’t move and is up high enough to be visible. As long as you are within town requirements, we can install the sign at any height you would like. Post and panel installation is suggested for carved and painted signs, along with any real estate signage. 

The next option for installation is step stakes, which are typically only used for correx yard signs. Just a simple stake you can put into the ground for temporary use, they won’t do great in high wind. We do offer a more rigid and permanent option for step stakes that are thicker and more durable for longer lasting signage.

Finally, the most common option is having the sign fixed to your building. This option is more complicated and will depend on the type of sign and size of the building. We will advise you on what installation type is best for your specific situation, and assist you in any way we can.

For more information, to order exterior signage, or to ask any questions, please contact us!

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