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COVID Signage & Products

Let us help your business operate safely. From sneeze guards to door vinyl to stanchions to parking lot signage, help your patrons feel safe at your business, and stay compliant with state and federal mandates.

Capabilities & Options

Here are a few ways that we’re currently helping other businesses prepare:

  • Floor Decals: Social distancing and traffic control decals on floors throughout the building help guide patrons to maintain safe distances and not congregate in one area.

  • Window and Door Vinyl: Communicate mask and face covering requirements before people enter the building with high quality vinyl applied to the inside of entrance doors.

  • Stanchions: Control traffic flow and direction using stanchions outside buildings and in high traffic areas.

  • Parking Lot Signage: Inform visitors of new standard practices as they arrive with vinyl or metal signs in your parking lot.

  • Open for Business: Make sure your customers know you’re open with large banners, A-frame signs and Correx yard signs.

  • New Hours of Operation: Display your new hours for customers to see on your window or door with a vinyl sign or vinyl copy.

  • Safety Protocols: Clearly communicate expectations and requirements for employees and customer with laminated graphics on dibond materials.

Contact us today and we will help you create a comprehensive signage plan for your business!

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