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As a full service sign shop, Elevated Sign Solutions is proud to display some of our “Full Site” projects, which incorporate a full range of planning, multiple sign creation, coordination, and installation.

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Mill Street Apartment Complex

This Full Site Spotlight is for the brand new Mill Street Apartment Complex in Rochester, NY. Our work included a large laser engraved steel monument sign, a small laser engraved steel monument sign, a digitally printed historical glass panel, a carved and burned historic timeline and DOT signage around the site. This was a fun project to work on and turned out amazing. Check out the individual pieces below!

Carved and Burned Historic Timeline

This historic timeline of Mill Street is v-carved out of cedar and then burned to give it a unique look. The timeline is backed on a matte black dibond material and then screwed into the wooden timbers that also function as a bench! The timeline is visible from both sides of the bench and gives people something to look at while waiting at the kiosk.

Laser Engraved Steel Monument Sign (Large)

Laser engraved from COR-TEN steel, this monument sign for the brand new Mill Street Apartment Complex is meant to rust after continual rain, giving it the rustic look they were going for. The sign is outfitted with LEDs on the back to give it a halo lighting effect, emphasizing the cut out lettering! This specific sign alone weighed well over 300 pounds, and is secured to the monument using 4 inch standoffs in each corner.

Laser Engraved Steel Monument Sign (Small)

Laser engraved from COR-TEN steel, this smaller monument sign is mounted to a stone column at the kiosk for Mill Street Apartment Complex. The monument sign is outfitted with LEDs on the back to give it a halo lighting effect, and rusts in the rain to give it a rustic feel!

Digitally Printed Historic Glass Panel 

This digitally printed graphic is mounted on a giant glass panel at the Mill Street Kiosk. Displaying the history of Mill Street, this completed the location of Mill Street Apartment Complex, giving tenants a beautiful and unique place to wait for the bus and stay out of the elements!

DOT Signage 

Featuring parking lot signage along with safety and no smoking signage around the complex, we installed all DOT signage on the site. Wayfinding and information signs are often overlooked but are a necessary element to any new building.

Full Kiosk

Image of the full kiosk with three different types of signs working in harmony to tell the story of Mill Street.

Parish of the Holy Family

This full site spotlight features our work at the Parish of the Holy Family Church in Rochester, NY. The church changed names earlier in the year and needed all signage at the location to be updated.The goals for this project were to update the presentation of the new church name on both entrances and to better display church hours near the road. Collaboratively, we developed the following solutions: dimensional lettering above the main entrance, an updated post and panel sign along the road and more dimensional lettering above a side entrance.

Dimensional Lettering (Main Entrance)

This dimensional lettering is located above the main entrance to the building. Finished in glossy black, this lettering looks great on the stone exterior and displays the new church name perfectly. Large enough to see from the road and the parking lot 

Dimensional Lettering (Side Entrance)

The final signage piece for this full site spotlight is glossy black dimensional lettering fixed to a dibond panel above the side entrance to the building. The church wanted a way to differentiate the main entrance to the church from the side entrance to the “Parish Life Center”.

Post and Panel Sign

Featuring two digitally printed graphics, this post and panel sign needed an update to the graphics and the service hours. Sitting along the road, this sign is the first point of contact for potential customers passing by. We secured the new graphics by screwing right into the old sign.

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