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Traffic Signs

Department of Transportation, DOT, signage is essential for roadways and ongoing construction locations. Whether you’re a government employee or individual contractor, we have the stock to solve your traffic signage needs. In stock and ready to go, just let us know what and how many you need. If you need more than what we have on hand, we can easily order from our trusted vendors. With many industry connections we can get you the best price and ship them right to you; or if you’re local, come by the shop to pick them up.

Capabilities & Options

We offer all standard DOT signage in multiple sizing options. Standard parking lot signage is 18”x12” and standard stop signs are 30 inches. We offer smaller directional signage at 6”x12” and stop signs in all sizes up to 36 inches. Installation options are fairly standard across the board. For parking lot signage, we install a metal post into the ground, and then fix the sign to the top using bolts and washers. Parking lot signage is typically 5 feet off the ground.

Here are some examples of DOT signage that we offer:

  • Stop Signs

  • Handicap Parking Signs

  • Reserved Parking Signs

  • Enter & Exit Signs

  • Restricted Parking Signs

  • Directional and Wayfinding Signs

  • Vehicle Restriction Signs

  • Private Property and Safety Signs

  • FDC Signs

  • Security Notification Signs

  • One Way Signs

  • Left and Right Turn Signs

For more information, to order traffic signage, or to ask any questions, please contact us!

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