Denny’s Pylon Sign Flex Faces


We installed these new pylon sign faces for the Denny’s on Jefferson Rd. Measuring nearly 15x8 feet in size, they were huge! On a windy Jefferson road this was a tough installation, but with another bucket truck assistance we were able to get the job done. We craned the faces into place using pick points and our crane arm while we secured them to the existing frame with our second bucket help.

Denny’s LED Pylon Sign Face Removal


Denny’s came to us with an emergency service call; their sign was falling apart. This location on Jefferson Rd. had their sign badly damaged from wind and the elements. The job was to get measurements on the overall cabinet size, but the shattered sign made the work area unsafe. We needed to remove both sides of the sign to ensure our safety.

330 Monroe Ave. Exterior Directory Changes


This directory change for the 3300 Monroe Ave. exterior directory featured two name changes. Using our 40 foot bucket truck, we removed two of the names and replaced them with the new tenants. After removing the large side trim piece, we slid out the panel and put our new ones in. After blocking off the front parking spots, we endured a cold day up in the bucket to get this job done.

Old Navy De-brand


This full site de-brand for Old Navy in Marketplace Mall included the removal of this massive outdoor sign. We also removed all interior signage and lighting before craning down the large oval on the front of the building using our 40 foot bucket truck.


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