Project Description

This custom sign box for Harley School was a unique project with many elements. The box was lined with angle iron, and then skinned in ⅛” dibond. We custom cut the faces on our CNC router, along with the leaf design shown on the front. There is a corresponding acorn design on the backside as well. After epoxying the entire sign box together, we routed the outside by hand to give it a clean finished edge, and into the paint booth it went! Matching the school’s PMS colors, we painted the bottom and main box separately then attached them from the bottom with hardware through pre-drilled holes. After the box was fully assembled we secured the custom ½” leaf and acorn designs onto both sides with VHB and silicone, and applied the vinyl lettering on the green base. The “middle school playground” dimensional lettering was outlined with a dark green vinyl to add contrast against the blue background. We fully assembled the box in our shop, went out to site to dig two holes and were in and out within an hour! Quick and easy installation but a whole lot of prep and production time in the shop. A truly one of a kind sign and a fantastic outcome to a great project!